Invisible Robots in the Quiet of the Night

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[Editor's note: Driven 2019 is quickly approaching and we want to share some of featured and most anticipated sessions with you. Driven is THE practitioner's conference for automation, innovation and design. At Driven we present REAL transformations, innovation, and technology wins. Connect with peers, industry experts, and thought leaders to share success stories, best practices, and learn skills from some of the best in the industry. You can register for Driven, and see more sessions here.]

This session, titled "Invisible Robots in the Quiet of the Night" will be given by Craig Le Clair, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester.

If you watched Super Bowl LIII in 2019, you saw no fewer than 10 commercials featuring robots. They were eating hot dogs at baseball games and crashing down roadways, shiny heads glinting in the sun. Physical robots get all the headlines but these aren?t the robots that will transform the workforce. No.? Its software robots running in obscure data centers that no one will ever see that will replace or transform the jobs of cubicle workers, coordinators, and even knowledge workers. These are the robots being created by the surging RPA market, advancing machine learning algorithms and virtual agent software that will service customers. The keynote will draw from Invisible Robots In The quiet Of The Night, published May 2019, and provide:

  • A realistic view of where AI is today.
  • A ten year progression of job gains and losses grouped by twelve generic work personas.
  • An actionable future-of-work model that can prepare businesses, governments, and individuals for a rapidly changing workplace.
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