Introducing Brazos UI Enterprise

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Brazos UI has been the most popular UI toolkit for IBM BPM for the past 18 months, with a steadily increasing number of registered users, and production deployments. In fact, I would venture to say there are more production deployments of Brazos UI than any other UI framework in the IBM BPM ecosystem.? We know there are many more deployments beyond the ones that we've kept track of.? If you'd like us to count your production deployment in our official count, just email me (sfrancis at the domain, with your name, company name, and the number of production processes.

At the request of customers and partners, we're proud to announce the introduction of Brazos UI Enterprise - specifically designed for IBM BPM practitioners who really love working with Brazos UI.? We're taking Brazos UI Toolkit to the next level, in terms of technology, design, support, responsiveness, and customer service.

Brazos UI Enterprise includes the following benefits, and is available immediately to all of our paid support subscription customers:

Outstanding support!?You get direct access to the engineering team who builds Brazos UI, the ability to ask questions about Brazos UI controls, prioritized bug fixes and enhancement requests, and insight into the Brazos UI roadmap. Your exact support entitlements will vary depending on your support subscription.

More frequent releases! Brazos UI is developed using agile methodology, and releases come as frequently as weekly. As an Brazos UI Enterprise customer you have access to the latest bug fixes and enhancements as soon as they are available. BP3 released over 85 versions of Brazos UI to our supported customers in 2014 - there's no reason for you to miss out on this amazing turnaround time.

Enhanced controls and additional capabilities. Brazos UI Enterprise is the only version that includes the new Table, the Data Table, and the Attach File controls. In addition, some other controls include enhanced feature sets.

Brazos UI Attach File Control provides IBM BPM with the most stylish, flexible and powerful file attachment widget ever! This fully featured control works with both the internal BPM document repository as well as external ECM repositories. Features include?drag and drop to upload files, integrating with a mobile device camera, ability to define document properties and more!?Watch this video for a detailed?walk through of how to use this control and an overview of the features:?

Brazos UI Table Control is the best IBM BPM table control available. Connect to?data sources of any size without losing performance. Features include pagination, sorting, filtering, row selection, row addition, row deletion, inline editing and more! This video walks you through how to use the Table control and gives a detailed overview of the features:?

For a full detailed list of the Enterprise Only features check out our?release notes and search for the [Enterprise Only] tag. And of course, Enterprise customers are guaranteed?access to any?future improvements.

Access to Brazos UI Toolkit Archives. We maintain an archive of past Brazos UI releases that are only available to our Enterprise customers.


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