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[Editor?s Note: Rich Phillips recently joined BP3 as our Chief Strategy Officer, and this is the first of many posts on the subject of process strategy, and the beginning of a new "BP Strategy" category for these posts.]

Launching the first of many process strategy posts carries with it both the freedom of topics from which to choose and the trepidation of making sure we kick things off well. That said, I am excited to get going with the inaugural BP Strategy blog post.

With so many potential topics from which to choose, it makes sense to provide background on the BP Strategy team, as it frames the perspective through which we deliver solutions.

The breadth of experience our team brings to the market is an important differentiator as it speaks to the competencies we believe are invaluable in providing process strategy and related solutions. Our team?s average business/technology tenure exceeds 20 years of CxO/VP leadership. Of equal importance is the fact that every member of the strategy team brings expertise from both business management and technology management. With CxO titles spanning Chief Executive, Chief Marketing, Chief Sales, Chief Operating, Chief Information and Chief Financial Officer positions, we have quite purposefully built bench strength of real-world operating talent. This is extremely important in serving our clients, as we provide considerable value, particularly in contrast to ?consultants? who lack the seasoning to understand the difference between adoption-ready solutions and PowerPoint-enabled theory.

We have also focused on the multi-industry experience we bring to the table. Firmly believing in the applicability of best practices and pattern recognition, we repeatedly observe that the tried and true process science in one industry has often not been adopted in parallel industries. In response, the process discipline we cultivate in the team has been developed through experience serving such industries as financial services, healthcare, business services, marketing services, manufacturing and a number of other market verticals. This combination of depth and breadth uniquely positions us to leverage insights gained by serving some of the most sophisticated and diverse leadership teams in their respective fields.

In our next blog posting, we plan to cover the related topics of business agility and process management.


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