Interviewing at #IBMImpact: BP3, BPM, Mobile, Focus

  • May 9, 2013
  • Scott

I have to thank Todd Watson and the folks behind the IBM Champion program (Daphne and Justin, talking to you!) for lining up an interview for Live @ IBM Impact 2013.  The focus was on Mobile Business Process Management, though we covered a broader set of topics.  Todd obviously is a good interviewer and keeps it just casual enough to make it comfortable.

An excerpt from his blog:

At IBM Impact 2013 in Las Vegas last week, I had the opportunity to sit down for an interview with Scott Francis, Chief Technical Officer for IBM Business Partner BP3.

BP3 positions itself as a leader in the business process management space, asserting that it has “more experience deploying BPM solutions throughout the Fortune 500 than any other firm.”

Scott has been key to that success, having served as the Chief Architect and Director of Technical Services for Lombardi Software in Austin, Texas, prior to its acquisition by IBM. At Lombardi, Scott led or oversaw over 100 BPM deployments and was credited with growing the delivery team there over tenfold during his tenure. […]

We chatted about a range of topics relevant to the BPM space, including most notably BP3′s accelerating focus on incorporating the mobile opportunity into BPM via BP3′s mobility framework.


Watch live streaming video from ibmimpact at

 Key highlights to pull out of the interview:

  • We created BP3 to be the partner we wished Lombardi had had – and we did, we became the best Lombardi BPM partner.
  • After the acquisition we determined to be the best IBM BPM partner.
  • Explain BPM to your Mom or Dad?
  • How do we engage with a customer exploring BPM and process improvement?
  • What was it about Lombardi that made it a market leader?
  • Is Mobile a disruption for BPM or new capability or opportunity for BPM?
  • Is there a good example of a process altered by mobile devices?
  • For someone who hasn’t moved into BPM, what would you give them as the first three things to be mindful of as they initiate their commitment?
  • Do something that matters

My favorite part was right at the end (at 10:35) – tackle something important.  Businesses have two things in some scarcity.  One is cash, but the bigger constraint is focus.  You may have budget, but if you don’t have focus, and you spend that precious focus on something that doesn’t matter to your business, they’ll forget about you.  “That’s a cute pet project, but we have real problems to solve.”

He also gave me a chance to plug what we were up to at Impact – from the UMB session, to our booth, to our Brazos UI, to our book signings with Rich Phillips!


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