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Scott Francis

On Day 1 of IBM Impact I was just getting warmed up.? General Session was a wrap and I went straight into an interview that was livestreamed.? No preparation for me, and I'm not sure how much preparation the interviewers had but you can judge for yourself it worked out all right.

At 0:15 of the video, you can actually see the BP3 booth on the left-hand-side of the video.

?Key points at the introduction:

  • This is a great conference for BP3
  • Its our fifth year at Impact
  • Every year we've increased our investment in the conference
  • Great community, and customers. Our customers also come to the conference so its a great time to reconnect in one place
  • Also a great time to reconnect with IBM-ers that we work with all over the world, who are in town to spend time with their customers

If Impact is all about transforming your business, what does that mean to you?

  • There are major themes in tech : mobile, cloud, infrastructure. (I should have also mentioned big data and Social! )
  • At the end of the day , it is our job to help our customers help their customers - and that is all about business process.

Interviewer:? Wasn't it something more transformational than just process improvement?

  • It's not just incremental improvement but how you deliver your products and services to your customers.
  • Business processes created from scratch, that don't exist, in order to support new products, services, or business models
  • Inevitable pull into the cloud, as pieces of infrastructure move that way.
  • My emphasis was clearly on incrementalism rather than revolution.

Are enterprises shocked, or whiplashed by the changes? ?

  • Whiplash already happened in other industries - it doesn't feel like whiplash to the companies that are left in my opinion.
  • SoftLayer has an opportunity to provide better service to IBM customers, compared to how they would be serviced by other cloud providers.
  • Hybrid cloud definitely has a place in the enterprise

What's the developer mindset today?

  • There's so much more possible as a developer.? The tooling for JavaScript has improved dramatically over the last 5 years ago.? There's an immense optimism among developers about what is possible today.? We could do things today that I didn't think were possible 2 years ago and were literally impossible 5 years ago, with JavaScript.
  • Where a developer might not have expertise in getting a DB set up for high availability or disaster recovery.
  • We can build the whole prototype in the cloud, and then transfer the bits to the right environment.



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