Interesting BPM Acquisition in Europe

  • June 3, 2014
  • Scott

I was quite surprised by the news late last night from Safira and KPMG:  they’re joining forces as KPMG acquires Safira as an autonomous subsidiary.

LISBON, June 2 – KPMG Portugal SGPS, S.A, announced today the signing for the acquisition of SAFIRA Consultadoria em Informática, S.A. (“SAFIRA”), a leading provider of business process management technology services, as well as the appointment of the 3 SAFIRA shareholders as KPMG Partners in Portugal, after the completion of the transaction scheduled for July, 2014.  SAFIRA focuses on building innovative enterprise systems leveraging, in particular, IBM BPM and ODM (Business Process management and Operational Decision Management) software for large multi-nationals around the world.

In 2013, SAFIRA reached a turnover of €10.9 million and this year expects to surpass €14 million, 80% from international business.

What makes it interesting, perhaps, is that Safira fills a real hole in KPMG’s offering – the ability to deliver the code not just the consulting in the BPM space.  The founders of Safira have become friends over the last few years as we’ve shared stories and experiences across the pond, and even done a little bit of work together – this sounds like a great outcome for the Safira shareholders.  Based on the press release, it looks like the other goal is to fund further growth as the hiring targets were quite aggressive.

So, if the question is, “is BPM dead?”, I guess KPMG would say no – they’re doubling down on BPM.  The KPMG statement is here.

We’ve seen some of these acquisitions in the rules space – big services firms buying specialist firms – but we haven’t seen a lot of these types of acquisitions in the BPM space.  First of many? or one-of-a-kind?

Looking forward to seeing analysis from other industry watchers like Neil Ward-Dutton…




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