Interesting articles on Apple and Google

  • March 20, 2010
  • Scott

Really interesting take on the Apple-Google conflict on Daring Fireball (John Gruber’s blog), as well as in the New York Times. It at least seems that the competition and animosity between these two companies runs deeper than perhaps anyone on the outside realized.

It’s really too bad because most of what these two companies do is so complementary, and symbiotic.  One wonders if Google is fighting too many battles on too many fronts- the same kind of question that was often posed to Microsoft when they were competing with so many software companies for so many of its applications.  The interesting thing to me is, I’m not sure that this fight was necessary for Google.  “Smart” phones were inevitably going to give Google the opening in the mobile space that it was looking for… The only real concern I can see is whether these platforms would, in some fashion, be closed to Google’s applications and ad platforms.  It doesn’t seem likely, given how compelling Google’s map and search applications are, and the ubiquity of Google Apps as a platform. And given that smart phones are already cheap ($99 or less), price doesn’t seem to be a huge barrier to entry anymore…

I hope that in spite of the competition in some areas, that these two firms can work together in areas where it makes sense-  I love the map application on my iPhone, but I’m not switching to Android in the foreseeable future – I like the overall Apple iPhone experience.

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  • Apple and Google teamed up to counter Microsoft… Microsoft “blows it” on Phones… Apple and Google's mutual enemy is no longer a threat… Apple turns on Google, Google turns on Apple.

    Maybe Shakespeare could turn that into a play? 😉

  • sfrancis

    Only thing is, did Apple turn on Google first, in your ordering? Did Apple introduce a search product, a map, an ad platform? Or did Google fire the first salvo between browser, android phone OS, google voice, and even a phone? 🙂

    Not saying that they shouldn't have eventually competed vigorously, but it seems that they let the cooperation fall apart all-too-quickly, and i'm not sure that was to Google's benefit. (or Apple's). I'm not even sure it will be to my benefit anytime soon…

    Sometimes you have a lose-lose scenario.