Innovation in BPM: Migrating from Teamworks to IBM BPM

  • August 8, 2012
  • Scott

BP Labs and Innovation

One of the great advantages of focus is being able to solve the deep problems.  Not just the superficial problems- but the really difficult ones.  When we started BP3, we determined to really invest in BPM, to stay within the scope of BPM, and to use that focus as the lens through which we see the world. That focus has really helped us build the best BPM delivery team in the business.  And last year we formalized this focus by forming our BP Labs group to shepherd our investments in innovation.

The results pay off in interesting ways.  Right now we have a whole set of tools to improve your IBM BPM experience, by just making it simpler, thanks to BP Labs.  We can put IBM BPM in the cloud, for example, and we can help you bring process to your mobile channel.  And these are hard problems that we’ve solved.

Migrating from Teamworks to IBM BPM

But there are other areas where deep product expertise pays off.  Like migrating from  Teamworks 6 (or earlier) to IBM BPM.  A lot of good changes were made to the product in the wake of the acquisition of Lombardi by IBM, and we’ve built the tooling and processes to simplify the assessment, estimation, migration, and adoption of those improvements.  We’ve leveraged our many collective years of Lombardi experience to create a set of tools that really understand these early versions of Teamworks.  But we also have the expertise on the latest versions of IBM BPM in order to migrate cleanly to these new versions.

We’ve boiled it all down into a migration assessment package that is easy for customers to digest in a fixed price.  And we provide, bar none, the best possible information on which to identify the work required and the estimates to go with it, for migration to IBM BPM.  Our rich data analysis is more detailed than what IBM provides, and not only informs technical issues and concerns, but also informs estimation of the work. When you combine great data with deep expertise, you get much better outcomes for our customers.

I believe BP3 has already performed more Lombardi/IBM version migrations than any other consulting firm, and I’m positive that our personnel have collectively done more version migrations than any other team.  We’ve put all of the hard knocks learning into our assessment and migration packages, and it is really gratifying to see this effort bear fruit.

We’re still just scratching the surface for the value we’re going to build for customers out of BP Labs.  I’m really excited about the future.


Footnote:  We’re prepared to migrate customers from all previous versions to versions 7.5.1 and 8.0, going as far back as Teamworks 4:  Teamworks 4, Teamworks 5, Teamworks 5.5, Teamworks 6, Teamworks 7, Teamworks 7.1, Websphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 (WLE 7.2), IBM BPM 7.5, IBM BPM 8.0


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