Innovate Austin: the book of Innovative Companies in Austin

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Scott Francis

Sven Boermeester is an entrepreneur with a publishing business: he collects compelling stories about innovative companies, city by city, and publishes them into a fantastic book to share with friends, family, investors, or visitors to your fair city.? I love their sense of hustle.

Last fall Sven and Innovate came to Austin to represent Austin businesses to the world and it is quite a collection of innovative and influential firms here.? You can find the book here, you can even sample the look and feel of the book on this page. There are full page spreads for important organizations like Austin Technology Council and Capital Factory:

You can find BP3 on pages 80-81 (easier to read on the site, trust me!):

Being in a publication like this isn't the goal when you're running a business or growing a company, but it is nice to have snapshots of a moment in time. In this case, we were just beginning to pivot our messaging around what we do - but at the time of going to publish, it wasn't finalized yet. This is pretty much the last marketing material we produced before we adopted there's a faster way to do that? - there's a richness and depth to the work and services we provide for our clients that is reflected in our content, but I love how finding a faster way pulls it all together.

At the launch in Austin - pre-COVID-19 - I got to meet Sven - the CEO and founder of Innovate:

Thanks to Sven and all of the companies in Austin that are cooler than BP3 for making this book a really interesting read!

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