Informed Optimism in the Age of BPM

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Scott Francis

From Vinicius Vacanti's blog on How New Ideas Almost Killed Our Startup, there's a diagram that caught my attention:

After more than 3.5 years of BP3, I feel like we're at stage 5- informed optimism.? We've had our uninformed optimism (year 1).? We've had informed pessimism (hello financial markets meltdown), leading to a crisis of meaning/direction/future.? But we are now informed optimists.? BPM is here to stay.? Our business is growing, and our impact on behalf of customers definitely punches above our weight class.

Being a services company, we didn't have the same distractions that Vinicius did - our distractions are more a question of what services we can offer and build a business around. And I think we've learned to vet those ideas at this point.? The first question we ask ourselves is "can we do this right" - meaning, without cutting corners, white glove treatment.? We're not interested in the race to the bottom - we're interested in really providing a high level of service.

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