Incubator Fatigue?

  • June 27, 2013
  • Scott

Christopher Calnan asks: Is Austin at risk of incubator fatigue?

News came today that Colorado-based TechStars is planning to bring its incubation program to Austin this summer. And get this: it will be operating out of the Capital Factory. So a Colorado incubator will be incubating tech companies at an Austin incubator.

Central Texas already has a plethora of such business mentoring programs, including the Longhorn Startup, IC2 Institute, Door64, Austin Startup, Tech Ranch, Austin Technology Incubator, Napkin Venture, the Incubation Station and Austin Tech Live. Whew.

And those are in addition to various local co-working spaces and programs offered by the Austin Technology Council, the Central Texas Angel Network and the Wilco Entrepreneurs Network.

Is the Austin tech community running the risk of overkill?


Well.  Certainly this is one hypothesis about the future of incubators and Startups in Austin.  On the other hand, as a long-time resident of Austin, I notice that no one ever complains of TexMex fatigue, or Burger joint fatigue, or BBQ fatigue

In fact, for the most part, we see the benefits of the concentration of specialization.  Our BBQ joints rank highly on Texas Monthly’s list.  Our TexMex isn’t just a bunch of casual-dining re-runs of the same concept: there are taco trailers and specialists, local and national burrito chains, high-end interior Mexican food, and hundreds of local places across a whole range of price-points.

Like new fusion-BBQ and TexMex joints, I welcome new incubators and angel funds and venture funds to Austin.  The new energy, and capital, is just what we need to support our entrepreneurs and the companies they want to start in Austin.


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