In Good Company: Austin Tech Scene and the President

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Scott Francis

We were pretty excited that our friends at Capital Factory hosted the President last week.? On a personal note, I was even more thrilled that my wife was able to meet him at the event!? Imagine my surprise when we started looking at this picture more closely:

President Obama and the Austin Tech Scene

It turns out, BP3 is actually mentioned on the slide:

Austin Tech Scene

Yes, in the upper left quadrant, we're included, alongside Thinktiv, with whom we've worked on our BP Mobility efforts and BP3 branding. But also in a quadrant that includes Adlucent, Boundless, Vast, Otherinbox, Handshakez, and Taskbox.? Not bad.

The basic idea of the graphic is to show the largest revenue tech "startups" near the center, and in general startups that are related conceptually or by market space to these central companies are represented in the concentric rings around them.

BP3's Quadrant

It is an honor to be included in this presentation to the President. Not so much because the President saw this - I doubt he noticed BP3 on that slide full of great company logos - but because the folks that put this chart together are people I really respect and admire, and for them to include us on this chart is like an acknowledgment from our peers that they respect our work as well - and what we've built.?? And adding to that is the respect I have for the company we keep on this chart - these are really impressive companies we get to share screen real-estate with.

Look at this chart closely, it isn't easy to find another professional services company on it, though there are a few software companies that rely heavily on services.? We're a bit of the inverse - a services firm with a little bit of software in the mix.? That's an honor in and of itself, acknowledging that we're about more than just time and materials, that BP3 is also about innovating in our space.

Quite a few companies on this chart with Lombardi alumni in them - though I think BP3 has the most alumni on our roster...!

Josh Baer also published a letter to the President, and he makes a good point - instead of trying to model or pattern off of Silicon Valley, try to model or pattern off of a place like Austin - a model that really can be followed elsewhere:

Silicon Vally is clearly the leader, but it?s unique ? it?s a unicorn that can?t be re-created elsewhere (plus its in California). You can?t replicate Stanford and you can?t replicated the VCs on Sand Hill Road. But you can replicate this blueprint of Physical Space, Community Leaders and Angel Investors. Nick Longo is doing it San Antonio and Tony Hseih is doing it in Las Vegas. There is 1871 in Chicago and 1776 in DC.

The Austin Business Journal, not to be outdone, had their coverage of the event as well.


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