I'll See your Champion, and Raise you One

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Scott Francis

Last year I was honored (and surprised) to be named an IBM Websphere Champion. I didn't quite realize at the time how selective the program is (and consequently, it is a small number of champions).? Moreover, you have to re-qualify each year.? It was a select group and there were a few opportunities to connect with other champions and IBMers, not to mention the opportunity to do a few interviews at IBM Impact! It was a much bigger deal than I realized...

I'm happy to announce that I've been renewed as an IBM Websphere Champion again in 2013. It is always an honor to be recognized for doing something you'd be doing anyway, because you love your work.? We're BPM evangelists on this blog and elsewhere. We're doing good work for our customers, and we're a great IBM partner for BPM.? Being recognized for that is icing on the cake!

Even more exciting is that today we can announce that we have a second IBM Websphere Champion at BP3.? Andrew Paier joins the ranks of Websphere Champions in 2013.? He's responsible for over 8% of all the posts on the IBM developerworks forum on IBM BPM.? He's probably helped more BPM practitioners get their job done than anyone else alive.? And we're proud to have him on our team, building up great innovations around IBM BPM with our BP Labs group.

I don't think there is any doubt that BP3 has the best IBM BPM team in the business, and an incredibly deep bench.? Having two IBM Websphere Champions just emphasizes how much we've invested in our expertise in BPM and in helping IBM ecosystem customers and partners.? Thanks to the IBM Champions program team members for including us in 2013, we're looking forward to a great year!

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