iGrafx: GDPR Suite

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Scott Francis

iGrafx, a software vendor with offices here in Austin and in Portland and Europe, recently announced a GDPR suite for customers:

The suite lets business customers assess risk from the perspective of their business processes.? Key components include, survey tools to determine risk areas, a GDPR glossary to ensure common understanding, process templates to expedite documentation, as well as automation and data flow modeling for complete visibility and control. These features enable all stakeholders to know how, where, and why customer data is being used and respond to GDPR mandated requirements.

?Becoming compliant with new Government regulations can be difficult, costly and time consuming,? said Ed Maddock, CTO at iGrafx, ?but we?ve created a solution that allows our customers to turn their GDPR compliance efforts into an ongoing competitive advantage.?

As a company that does business in the US and Europe, we've had to go through a GDPR compliance process ourselves at BP3, and we can attest to the challenges, which led us to hire a consultancy to lend expertise to our efforts.? Many US companies, no doubt, do not realize that they have exposure to these regulations in Europe, for example.? Many US-based SaaS services have been slow to comply with GDPR.? Tools iGrafx GDPR suite can make it much easier to comply and manage compliance going forward.

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