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IBM software shows up on every analyst scoreboard there is.? But IBM does some pretty interesting research in its own right, and a recent report on its C-suite global study is quite interesting indeed, well worth the read.

Key points to pull out of it:

  • Competitive concerns are increasingly from outside the industry rather than inside the industry.? This dovetails nicely with something Chris Dixon once said about the technology business - that the fiercest competition was between complements, rather than substitutes.? Between different elements of the channel rather than competitors within the channel.
  • The competitive concerns were largely from Technology factors and Market factors, much more so than regulatory, macro economic factors, or people skills.
  • Rules of engagement are in flux - being redrawn by the companies surveyed, or they are watching them be redrawn.? There's a big jump in concern for digital interaction and focusing on customers as individuals.
  • There's an emphasis on partner network to grow the innovation and opportunity potential
  • Cognitive Computing is a distant 4th on the list of concerns, but this has to be a big move up from any previous survey on the subject.? 37% listed cognitive computing as a technology that will be important in the near term to their business.
  • Security risks dominate the risk landscape, which is not surprising given the events of the last couple of years.

Those are just a few highlights. A fascinating read overall, accompanied by concise graphics.?


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