#IBMInterconnect Recommended Sessions: Tuesday February 24th

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Continuing with recommended sessions for Tuesday!

In the 8am slot:

  • Managing your Business Process Data for Performance and Scalability - Jasmine Ballroom B - IBM gives recommendations for how to scale your data maintenance strategy.? (Side note: BP Labs has a solution for archiving or purging data, as well as tuning BPM databases, leveraging our long history with IBM BPM administration).
  • BPM On-the-Go: Participate in Processes Anywhere from Your Favorite Mobile Devices - Palm C - I'm particularly interested in this session because BP3 has been delivering "write once run anywhere" user interfaces via Brazos ever since IBM Impact in 2013!? Two years later I'll be curious to see what IBM's take on this one is.? BP3 has been leading the way with mobile and responsive UI for BPM for years now.
  • Smarter Process-as-a-Service on a Private Cloud in the Urban Planning Industry - Palm D - I'm interested in the urban planning backdrop to this story.
  • Lessons Learned from Adopting Rational Quality Manager at Raytheon - Mariners B - A view inside the defense industry and how it adopts new practices with Rational
  • Building the Next Generation of Apps with IBM Watson - MGM Grand Ballroom - if cognitive computing is the future, this is a session to watch.? But don't worry, there are lots of sessions about Watson at the conference, if you miss this one.

At 9am there's a Meet-the-experts session at Forum #4: "Let's Talk about What's Getting in the Way of Your IBM Business Process Manager Adoption" - 4 senior IBMers review the barriers in this discussion.? As a teaser, I'd say BP3's experience is that often the barriers are two-fold: getting hung up on User Interface issues, and the project teams getting distracted by administering and supporting existing process solutions (hint: BP3 has solutions to both of these issues!)

At 9:30 am another set of recommendations:

  • IBM BPM Upgrade and Migration Roundtable - Coral C - these are typically smaller interactive sessions, this one focused on upgrades and migrations.? These guys have some great experience and knowledge to share, but if you're really focused on migrations, I'd get our BP Labs team on the trail.
  • Digital Journey of a Startup - Mandalay Bay Ballroom - This session will be a good break from the usual BPM content in my schedule. I'm curious to see IBM's take on startup journey (5 of the 7 speakers mentioned work for IBM).

In the 11am Slot:

  • How to build an Actionable Roadmap to Achieve Process Excellence and Measurable Business Outcomes - Palm D -? a presentation by IBM on process optimization and automation.
  • What's Next for Business Processes in the era of Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Analytics?? - Jasmine Ballroom A - The speakers on this one make it an interesting proposition - with Eric Herness, Irene Lyakovetsky, Harley Davis, Jim Sinur, and Bob Golladay - it should be a very interesting set of perspectives.
  • Simplifying Business Logic in Large-Scale Batch Processing Systems with a Rules Engine at Fidelity - Palm B - another ODM session, this time in the context of batch processing at Fidelity.
  • The New z13: Redefining Digital Business through Integration of Cloud Mobile and Analytics - Mandalay Bay Ballroom - I hate that this is at the same time as the Bob Golladay session, but so be it.? This one involves z Systems in the world of cloud and mobile...

In the 12:30pm slot:

  • How to Achieve Enterprise-Class Performance and Scalability with IBM BPM - Jasmine Ballroom A - tips and tricks for a high performance BPM solution.
  • Easily Compose REST, Push, and OAuth into Stateful Workflows in Bluemix - Jasmine Ballroom B - I suspect that many will mistake this for a BPM session - but it is really about stateful workflow in Bluemix.? Think, stateful workflow in an automated system, analogous to AWS' worklow system.? If you need to automate system tasks implemented in Bluemix, this may be a good solution for you (akin to IFTTT).
  • Anti-Patterns for Not-So-Smart Processes: Avoiding BPM and SOA Project Pitfalls - Palm D - Here Andy and Richard of IBM will review the pitfalls of BPM projects and key anti-patterns to watch out for.? Also keep an eye out for a new product offering from BP3 that addresses just this sort of identification of anti-patterns...

At 1-1:50pm there's a session in the Business Process Engagement Center about leveraging open technologies in your BPM and Enterprise Mobile apps. Interestingly this session reviews jQuery, Node.js, W3C specs, OpenStack and Bluemix...

In the 2pm slot:

  • Smarter Process Discovery, Automation and Improvement at Kaiser Permanente - Jasmine Ballroom B - see one of our customers present their BPM program and how they leverage IBM technology to improve their business processes.? Rumor has it you might see Brazos UI in this presentation as well...
  • The Seven Sins and Seven Virtues of an IBM BPM and Websphere Portal Marriage - Lagoon K - this session is different because you don't see too many applications of portal and BPM.
  • Lessons Learned Using Blueworks Live for Business Process Modeling at CSAA Insurance Group - Palm C - CSAA have been prolific users of Blueworks Live, as they moved from department to enterprise view.
  • IBM BPM on Cloud Customer Feedback - Shell Seekers A - honestly, what I would love is if people asked why they don't just have BP3 host and manage their cloud deployments of IBM BPM!
  • Banking Center of Excellence Customer Roundtable for Smarter Process - Tropics B - An interesting discussion of the journey of a CEO at a Bank in Brazil.

In the 3:30 slot:

  • Optimizing Your BPM Program While it is in Flight: A Mid-Project Update from Wells Fargo - Lagoon K - We're proud to see our customer presenting on this set of projects, and how Wells Fargo was able to navigate a large organization and drive enterprise adoption.? If you're in a large organization and this experience sounds good to you, BP3 can help.
  • Dataflow Group is presenting their Compliance and Integrity Services Transformation solution - Palm C - focusing on the benefits of an intuitive process journey, real-time decision-making insights, and ensuring business uptime while making improvements.
  • Day 2 General Session - a New Way to Work - Ballroom E-L - don't ask me why this overlaps with really good customer sessions, but it does.? No speakers named in the session guide, so I can't quite recommend it.

5:30pm Brings more sessions:

  • Transforming Manpower's Business with IBM BPM and ODM - Jasmine Ballroom B - Manpower used BPM for one of the tried and true use cases - recruiting.
  • Meet with IBM BPM Performance Experts - Coral C - If you need help understanding performance issues, this is the session.? If you need help implementing these ideas, call BP Labs.

Finally, it is time for the Solution EXPO reception!? 6:30pm to 8:30pm.


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