#IBMInterconnect Recommended Sessions: Thursday February 26th

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Scott Francis

Okay, if you made it this far, you're near the end!? The last day is a shorter day and we'll keep the recommendations brief!


  • Aetna's Vision for a Healthier World - Palm C - Aetna uses a lot of IBM products to achieve their vision this should be a good "aggregation" story, including using BPM to make sense of it all.


  • Implementing a Mobile Smarter Process Strategy - Forum #4 - IBM Experts will talk about how to be effective implementing.? "The seasoned panel members have many years of experience developing innovative product enhancements that drive business innovation, plus hands-on experience working with customers to implement projects that exceed expectations" - Really it is only the latter that matters here.? Practical experience delivering mobile solutions.? If this session sounds interesting, you're better off attending our session from Wednesday - BPM in the Palm of your Hand!

10:30am :

  • Why Data Should be at the Center of your Smarter process - KPMG's perspective - Palm D - I have to be honest, this is badly headlined.? Data is important to the process, and data life cycles are important to the data.? But Process is what informs the need for data, and transforms the data into outputs.? If you wait to do your process design and improvement until after all your data cycles and schemes are implemented, it will be a long wait... (on the other hand, incorporating entity lifecycles into your BPM practice is a big win, so not sure which side of this the talk will be on).

1:00 pm :

  • Putting IBM BPM in Knowledge Worker's Phones and Tablets, with Espirito Santo Informatica - Jasmine Ballroom A - Franclim Bento will present this session, I'll be curious to see what's being used for mobile support.
  • Successful Modernization of AKBANK's SOA Infrastructure with IBM BPM, ODM - This Turkish private bank is working hard to manage its processes with BPM.
  • Accelerate Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma with Blueworks Live - Palm C - I'm curious to see IBM's take on this one, as users of Lean-Six who, many years ago, pointed out that Blueworks Live is not collecting simple information that would help with Lean-Six analysis.

2:30pm - last sessions of the day! :

  • Integrated Customer Experience Transformation at Humana Leveraging IBM's Smarter Process Stack - Jasmine Ballroom A -
  • Smarter Process Discovery, Automation, and Improvement at Kaiser Permanente - Jasmine Ballroom B - I wonder if this repeat session is a mistake, or which time will win out!? I'm confident this will be a great session.
  • Abanka's Transformation with IBM BPM and SOA is worth a look in - Palm B??? - they get bonus points for using "omni-channel" in their writeup.? Curious to see what they're up to in Slovenia.
  • There's a session on ForEx and Angola at 2:30pm... in Palm D
  • And a sessions on Performance Testing at Banco do Brasil - in Palm C

Okay - you made it. Time to graduate back to the real world and conquer your BPM program!


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