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Continuing a tradition from previous years at Impact, we're sharing our thoughts about the best sessions at IBM's Interconnect conference. The conference is spread across two hotels this year, which is going to take some getting used to. But as veterans of SXSW-interactive in Austin, I'm sure we can handle the multiple venues.

Of course, a more targeted treatment is to follow Dave Rosen at Impact - but if you want more choices, here they are!

The conference kicks off with Day 1 General Session 8:30am to 10am, which we'll be catching from the satellite location in Mandalay Bay.? The general sessions are the best way to get a sense of overall themes from IBM, expect to see our thoughts captured in a blog post next week.

At 11am there are a couple of interesting sessions in Mandalay Bay.? Unfortunately these customer stories are all being told at the same time, so you'll have to choose where to invest your time:

  • Does IBM BPM Enable you to Earn Money - COOP Centro Italia, Jasmine Ballroom A - who doesn't want to earn money with BPM!
  • IBM BPM and Costco's Salmon Story - Jasmine Ballroom B - Costco is a customer with a great BPM practice that leverages a long heritage of BPM skills.
  • Banks Worldwide Make Transformation Initiatives Happen with BPM Solutions from IBM and BPM Wave, Palm B.
  • A business transformation leveraging IBM BPM and Mobile at Asian Paints - Palm D
  • Meet with IBM BPM Process Manager Performance Experts-? Coral C.
  • Reinventing Value with the Internet of Things - Mandalay Bay Ballroom - hopefully this will be a great panel discussion, but it runs the risk of all panel discussions.

At 12:15, the next set of sessions begins:

  • ISIS: IBM's Proven Implementation Methodology and Best Practices - Jasmine Ballroom A - This unfortunately named methodology is the preferred approach of IBM to BPM and ODM projects.? For anyone contemplating working with IBM ISSW, this will be a good session to attend in order to understand how IBM approaches deployment methodology.? But after viewing this session, I'd invite you to talk to Rainer Ribback at BP3 about a methodology that really works for BPM deployments.? There's a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.
  • How BMI Devised and Enabled Enterprise Architecture from Corporate Strategy - Palm C - Enterprise Architecture and BPM are an interesting pairing.
  • Beyond the Quick Win Pilot: Scaling and Industrializing IBM BPM Development. - Palm D - Here IBM offers advice for how to scale up from the first success of a quick win pilot.? Andy is a good presenter and has some great advice in this session. But one of the aspects he isn't likely to touch on is that you need a partner that can help you scale your model.? The most successful IBM BPM customers often call BP3 to help scale their practice from a pilot to real production methods.

At 1pm, some Internet of Things sessions:

  • Internet of Things: Overhyped or Appropriately Balyhooed? - Cloud Theater in EXPO - a panel discussion to explore the latest thinking.? All of the speakers are from outside firms, so it promises to be interesting.
  • The Internet of Things has Entered the Building - room TBD - IBM reviews their solution for building management and IoT.

At 2pm, customer and IBM sessions are intermingled:

  • Nationwide's Smarter Process Journey with IBM ODM and BPM - Jasmine Ballroom A - learn about their journey with BPM and ODM in their business
  • Smarter Process for SAP - Jasmine Ballroom B - if you're an SAP customer and have IBM BPM, this is a session you'll want to catch to understand what tools you have available to extend your SAP investment value via IBM BPM.
  • How IBM BPM Can help make Shared Service Centers Successful - Palm C - An IBM Presentation explains how BPM can help you run your service centers more effectively.
  • New Customer Onboarding in Ten Minutes with IBM BPM and ODM at Emirates NBD - Palm D - this leading banking group in the UAE has improved customer onboarding dramatically with BPM and ODM.
  • Reinventing how IBM Systems can Revolutionize your Cloud Environment - This session is all about cloud environments, rather than BPM.? However, if you're a BPM customer and the cloud topics pique your interest, talk to BP3 - we're he leaders in IBM's ecosystem for taking IBM BPM to the cloud.? As a matter of fact, the very first IBM BPM customer in the cloud was one of our customers, implemented by BP3. The first IBM BPM on Softlayer customer was also a BP3 customer and project. BP3 will help you soup to nuts with BPM in the cloud.

At 3:30pm there are a couple of particularly interesting sessions.

  • First, Brown Brothers Harriman is presenting their best practices for migration from Lombardi to IBM BPM - Palm B - However, the best practice I would recommend is to work with the vendor that has done more migrations than any other team on the planet: BP3.? The vendor that has written software specifically to make migrations easier, and achievable with fixed cost budgets.? The vendor that recommends in-flight instance migration when appropriate.
  • E-Commerce on top of IBM BPM at MIR Insurance - Jasmine Ballroom A - MIR has been using IBM BPM since 2012 in Indonesia.
  • How Nationwide Transformed and Accelerated its small commercial insurance process with IBM ODM - Palm C -
  • IBM BPM as an Integrated part of a Cost-Effective Generic Infrastructure at Delta Lloyd - Palm D - Delta Lloyd has won awards for their BPM and Workflow implementations and will be sharing their experiences at IBM Interconnect.
  • Smarter Process: Reinventing Business Operations for Greater Customer-centricity and Topline Growth - Mandalay Bay Ballroom - This session is the Smarter Process keynote, led by David Millen, and supported by several customer stories, among which is on of our favorite customers, Kaiser Permanente, who is a big user of Brazos UI. If you want to get IBM's direction for BPM and ODM, this is your session.

The 5pm slot has a few more gems:

  • IBM BPM and IIB as Building Blocks in Orange's B2C Full Digital Strategy with Mobile and IoT - Jasmine Ballroom A - this promises to be a really interesting talk on the intersection of BPM and IoT...
  • Blueworks Live Unleashed, Featuring Brown Brothers Harriman - Palm B - Brown Brothers Harriman uses Blueworks Live all the way. If you want to know how to really get the most out of Blueworks Live for your organization, this is a must-see event for you, they're the state of the art.
  • Process-Driven Insurance Claims Management with IBM BPM at Acoreana Seguros - Palm D - despite "claims" that Claims Management is case management, IBM BPM addresses this use case really well.
  • Disaster Recovery and IBM BPM - Coral C - if you can't make one of these sessions on DR and other architecture topics, BP3's BP Labs team can take care of you, as we have experiencing designing and implementing the kinds of infrastructure that will be reviewed in this session.
  • An Unexpected Evening with Big Data and Analytics - MGM Grand Ballroom - not sure how the chef fits in, but this session is intended to entertain as well as inform.

Finally, wrap up the day by visiting the BP3 team at our booth #307, we're the experts in BPM and we have some great software to show at our booth.? The Solution EXPO is open from 6:30pm to 8:30pm!?



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