#IBMInterconnect: Process Maturity in Real Life

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Scott Francis

Note: you can find BP3's sessions at IBM Interconnect here.

This might be the only session of its kind at Interconnect - a panel discussion of BP3 and IBM customers discussing how they leverage Smarter Process in their businesses.? These are great customers for both IBM and BP3-? they leverage IBM's software and BP3's tools and services to deliver fantastic results to their customers.

We'll attempt to make it a wide ranging discussion on the good, the bad, and the ugly of rolling out BPM to their organizations. Of course, because each of these organizations has been successful, we already know there's a happy ending!

BTB-5006: Process Maturity in Real Life
Kenneth Lindegaard, Carlsberg Denmark & Russ Pfeil, Wells Fargo & Patricia Bayton, PNM Resources & Scott Francis, BP3 Global
Gartner says there are five levels of process maturity. Set the theoretical models aside and and join this panel to see how IBM BPM customers are faring at different stages of the BPM journey. BP3 CEO and co-founder, Scott Francis, will lead a discussion of BPM achievement and maturity and what explore the future holds in each case.


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