#IBMInterconnect: Mobile-Enabling Your Business Process Using Coach Views: Lessons Learned at Zion's Bank

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There's nothing better than looking up a conference schedule and seeing a customer presenting, and calling out your product in the process - better yet, when it is a surprise!

Zion's Bank is presenting at Interconnect on their experiences with mobile, and why they switched from a native iOS strategy to a Brazos UI strategy on top of IBM BPM Coach Views.? We couldn't ask for better customer testimonials than ones like this. Best yet: while Zion's bank is a customer and user of Brazos UI, they have not leveraged BP3 consulting services - Brazos UI toolkit is easy enough to use that they're able to leverage it on their own - a further endorsement of the product.

BBP-2527: Mobile-Enabling Your Business Process Using Coach Views: Lessons Learned at Zion's Bank

Preston Romney, IBM and Matt Grandon, Zion's Bank

Join us to discuss lessons learned from Zion's Bank and how they mobile-enabled their Treasury On-boarding process application. What are the different mobile options and considerations for each? What are the difficult lessons that Zion's learned when attempting a native iOS development effort? Why did they decide to use the BP3 [Brazos] toolkit instead? We'll cover how coach views and the BP3 toolkit helped Zion's Bank speed their development efforts, while providing a consistent user experience for both the desktop and mobile devices.

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