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Andrew Paier

I am an IT guy at heart.? I will never be able to shake my upbringing as a system and network administrator, so my view of the world is skewed to include the simplest IT management, monitoring, support, and customer experiences.? So when I came to Interconnect 2016, that is what I started looking for and I found several such forward thinking efforts taking place.

First up, the announcement of the VMWare partnership with IBM.? This will essentially bring the value of VMWare tools into the IBM cloud environments.? From a practical view, this means Vsphere will be running on Softlayer datacenter machines and allow customers to run their own virtual machines. ?

Another improvement is the IBM BPM 8.5.7 platform itself.? A few announcements for the March 8.5.7 release are:?

  • IBM is combining the development environment from Process Designer and Integration Designer into a single tool
  • The responsive portal is ready for GA?
  • Case is now part of both the Standard and Advanced deployments.??

But what really interested me was the REST APIs are going to use shortened paths.? This is a simpler to understand interface and the old URI's will still work, but now I have to wonder when they will be deprecated?

Heritage coaches are going to be marked as deprecated in 8.5.7 as well.? IBM is providing a conversion tool; however if you have custom CSS or logic, this could be a problem.? While most people have moved to CSHS (Client Side Human Services), if a customer is using custom CSS, then they will need to remove that in order to update the coach view.? I anticipate some re-work discussions from this with customers, but this is definitely something we can help with.

My final ?big? takeaway was that in 8.5.7 there is a Performance Test Sample application.? This is a package that is being freely distributed and includes an example of how to setup and run a performance test using Rational.? There is an example TWX file, a Rational script, and even an LDIF export for user/group creation with the test.? This is not meant as an exhaustive test suite, but rather an example to show that testing is possible and allow customers to build upon it.

It's gratifying to see IBM moving forward with many of the ideas that BP3 shares in this space: moving to cloud without limiting functionality and administration, responsive UIs, simplification of the APIs, making migrations simpler, giving examples to empower customer success, and focusing on what the community wants.? Keep on improving and we shall see what happens next!

Quick Snapshot of some of our team at the Inner Circle Reception:?

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