#IBMInterconnect: Creating Lasting Process Change in Wells Fargo Enrollments with IBM BPM

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Note: you can find BP3's sessions at IBM Interconnect here.

Wells Fargo was an early Lombardi customer, believe it or not, and they've brought BPM forward with IBM BPM since the acquisition in 2010.? Years later, Wells Fargo is still demonstrating leadership in adopting BPM, as Wells Fargo continues applying BPM techniques to the many businesses it is in.?

In this session, Connie Masterson of Wells Fargo, and Rainer Ribback of BP3 join forces to reveal how Wells Fargo manages an extended team of 200 team members and stakeholders over the course of a multi-year transformative effort. Connie's leadership has been instrumental to the success of the program - these will be insights worth hearing.

BTB-5021: Creating Lasting Process Change in Wells Fargo Enrollments with IBM BPM
Connie Masterson, Wells Fargo & Rainer Ribback, BP3 Global
As part of the recent realignment of Wells Fargo?s Wholesale Enrollments BPM program, we introduced ?Voice of the Customer? and business architecture concepts in the program. These concepts have brought renewed clarity to the extended project team of over 200 people, who have been involved with this vision for the last several years. The discussion will focus on our specific business considerations, and the change in approach that we adopted. We will discuss the application of IBM Blueworks Live to help with business architecture, and how we effectively drive requirements into our Process Factory with that approach.


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