#IBMInterconnect: Creating Change in Healthcare with BPM at Kaiser Permanente

  • February 17, 2016
  • Scott

MedicalNote: you can find BP3’s sessions at IBM Interconnect here.

Kaiser has been at the forefront of adopting a service oriented architecture and BPM in its practices over the last few years.  Come to this session to experience and interesting use case that cuts across the usual BPM viewpoint, producing a process application that is startling in its usefulness and visual appeal.

David Herring is a sought after speaker in process and decision management realms, and he is joined by myself (Scott) on stage for this one.  Much to my team’s delight, I’ll be driving the demo, and David will hold forth on the context of the solution.  From the session description:

BBP-4681: Creating Change in Healthcare with BPM at Kaiser Permanente
David Herring, Kaiser Permanente & Scott Francis, CEO BP3
Custom healthcare applications can increase productivity, create faster response times and further boost competitive advantage. Come explore how Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care organization in the U.S., used the Smarter Process Suite to develop a hybrid solution that not only enhanced the value of legacy systems, but also embraced emerging technologies like IBM Bluemix and the Apple Watch.



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