#IBMImpact: Introducing Complementary IBM products to Lombardi customers

  • May 7, 2010
  • Scott

This was a good session primarily to explain how WPS and iLog can integrate with and work well with Websphere Lombardi Edition.  Marc Smith showed how we could replace the typical Lombardi rules service with a call out to an iLog toolkit asset that had been developed by the iLog team.  Of course it is pretty easy drag-and-drop and it is something you can do today – it didn’t require a new release of Lombardi.  However, you’ll still develop your iLog rules in an iLog interface – not within the Lombardi authoring environment natively.

The same kind of integration was shown with lights-out processing in WPS.

We should note that this was run-time integration, and iLog, WPS, and Lombardi interfaces were all shown to model and edit the models they were each responsible for – but the demonstration showed how Teamworks can consume the assets of the other tools by a simple drag-and-drop interface at design time, presuming pre-built iLog rules or WPS models.

There was also a Blueprint-only session earlier but I missed it while I was prepping for my own session!

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