IBM Makes a Splash in RPA – Read about an Early Customer Success Story with RPA, DPA, and BP3

  • July 13, 2017
  • Scott

Today IBM made its announcement about partnering with Automation Anywhere to create waves in the RPA Space. (You can read the announcement here).

“IBM and Automation Anywhere’s technologies already are helping The Hanover better manage processes and more quickly complete specific tasks,” said Ian Maher, vice president of strategic sourcing at The Hanover. “The integration of these technologies is another step toward streamlining more tasks across our organization. We also think combining these technologies could be a starting point for adding more advanced cognitive capabilities into our business processes.”

Recently, we helped a customer create space to handle 50% growth in their business line without additional headcount. This was achieved through a combination of RPA, IBM Watson services, and orchestration through IBM’s Digital Process Automation Suite. You can read the whole write-up here.

We’re also going to have some great sessions on RPA in combination with process and decision management technologies to build compelling business solutions at our Driven 2017 conference in Austin.  We will discuss the latest in IBM’s partnership with Automation Anywhere as well as other topics, and we’ll have one of our customers represent their own RPA-DPA based solution from a practical value standpoint.  It’s going to be great value for our team and our attendees.

One thing I love in this combination of technologies is the overlay of visibility and management provided by the process management component. This is something we talk to all of our customers when they ask about RPA. RPA as a technology is so easy to have run rampant in your business without control, and without the larger business context within which it runs. This implementation is a great example of taking a chance to reap rewards with a new technology while keeping the guard rails in place to maintain control and consistency.

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