IBM Keeps the Updates Coming to Blueworks Live

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Scott Francis

So far IBM is keeping to their word that they'll keep the updates rolling with Blueworks Live.? Another update just went live over the weekend, and IBM's summary of it is posted here.? As one might expect, with an update coming a bare 4 weeks after the initial launch of Blueworks Live, there isn't a lot of meat on the bone to this update, but there are implications if IBM continues the trajectory.

What was added is simply the ability to post updates to one's private feed (presumably, to specific "Spaces" within your company space).? I tested it out in the BP3 domain and it works nicely and offers the opportunity for others in our space to respond.

With this change (and, no doubt, changes yet to come), Blueworks Live is picking up more of the features found in a tool like yammer.? Of course, for these discussion-style features to be meaningful, the usage has to reach critical mass within a team or company.? It will be interesting when one can comment on a process update in the feed, and have that comment also appear alongside the actual process instance (or model) as well.? (There is already a commenting feature within process execution screens - the ideal place to put those comments).

David Brakoniecki's blog post echoes some of my own thoughts - IBM is showing signs of learning from the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) school of thought, quite a departure from the usual software development process at companies their size. In the comments on my previous post, Marco Brambilla has wondered aloud if it is "too minimum"... but I think it is just a matter of giving it time - and seeing what IBM comes out with next.

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