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Sandy Kemsley reported on a briefing with IBM regarding BPM on z/OS a few weeks ago.? It's a great write-up of the content.

I know that it initially took Lombardi folks by surprise how much interest and momentum there would be behind a z/OS version of IBM BPM.? But they, and IBM, have jumped in with both feet.? For organizations that fundamentally rely on mainframes, this may be a more comfortable architecture / deployment model.? As Sandy points out, this isn't just a skin-deep port, it actually leverages specific z/OS options and functionality:

From an IBM BPM architecture standpoint, the Process Server components can now be hosted on z/OS, while the Process Center and its repository stay on Windows, AIX or Linux. Process Server Advanced for z/OS is more than just a simple port: it leverages native z/OS data structures, supports languages such as COBOL, provides local adapters to other z/OS applications, and allows reusable services to be created more easily. Since the process and services are both running on z/OS, WebSphere z/OS does optimization for cross-memory local communications to improve performance and resource utilization, providing the most benefit when the processes frequently interact with DB2, CICS and IMS on the same platform, and also providing seamless integration with other facilities such as RACF.

This plugs into Business Monitor for z/OS that monitors the processes, other z/OS applications and events, and provides user-customizable dashboards for overall monitoring and some KPI-based predictive analytics.

I'm really interested to see how some of the use cases for deployments on z/OS.? Supporting z/OS is a great example of what you can do with interesting software when you have the scale of an IBM.? It may not make the "feature" velocity faster, but they can definitely tackle parallel efforts like this more easily with the breadth of engineering talent at IBM.? From Sandy's post, you'll also find links to whitepapers, a newsletter, webcast, and the product page.

I'm not sure it was well-known that IBM has rolled out such complete support for z/OS - thanks to Sandy for helping get the word out.

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