I Can Relate

  • October 12, 2012
  • Scott

When I read this post “Nothing New in Case Management” I felt like I can relate to what Keith is feeling.  Not that I’m defending every word of the article, but how many times have we heard that there’s “nothing new in BPM” or “nothing new in <insert business/technology area here>”.

It is, to me, the province of the naysayers to say that there’s “nothing new.”  All the good ideas have been thought of already.  The fact that you put them together in some new and interesting way, or extracted some additional value – that’s no credit to you because this has all been done before.

And to some extent, there’s truth in that.  History repeats- especially in business and technology circles. But it also modulates.  Each turn around the wheel is different, despite having many similarities.  I’ve been guilty of thinking “why the fuss about Case Management” myself, because, after all, its been around a while. But that’s not a very fair criticism all by itself.

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