I've got one word for you..."BPM"

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Scott Francis

I'm reminded of The Graduate:

I want to say one word to you. Just one word... Plastics.

BPM is apparently going mainstream.? And now we're seeing analysts (Connie Moore) and the industry note that there's a career in BPM:

All of this background points out one major trend: A new career field is emerging for business process professionals, fueled by the growth of business transformation, business improvement, and business optimization projects.

What do the individuals in this new field need most? Process architecture skills, process analysis skills, process modeling skills, change management skills, Lean and Six Sigma skills ? the list goes on. More than anything, the skills gap or skills shortage keeps BPM projects from scaling throughout the organization.

This comes as no surprise to me - as it seems, looking back, that most of my career has been focused on process technology of one sort or another (initially, supporting sales processes for complex products, and later, actually working for a BPM vendor... and now, working with our own practice realizing business processes in production software).

Those of us at BP3 have already made a career out of BPM as business process professionals.? It looks as though most of us on our team fit most closely to the "Prodigy" cohort, as defined by Connie.? An appropriate place to start for a boutique consulting firm - though we have our Gurus and Change Agents.

Connie Moore has specific advice for picking up the necessary skills.? She advocates "two in a box" for training new process professionals.? This is something I've advocated for a long time.? BPM is more craft than anything else - you learn from others, and give it your own spin based on what you bring to the table.

Connie also advocates employees attending training, and leveraging external resources.? Couldn't agree more (hello, bpmCamp!)

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