How to Make Mobile BPM a Success in Your Enterprise

  • February 14, 2013
  • Scott

ReadWriteWeb has a great article on how to make BYOD (Bring your own device) successful in your enterprise.

Our product manager for BP Mobility pointed out that the top-10 list mirrors our approach to Mobile, two of which jump out for any project:

  1. Identify Stakeholders.  This is part of all of our BPM engagements, but with something like mobile, this is even more critical if you want to achieve success.
  2. Think TCO, Not ROI. TCO is part of what has caused us to re-evaluate HTML-based solutions.  IBM BPM customers can leverage these solutions in development frameworks they are familiar with – like the Process Designer.  Because the Process Designer supports components, we can drop very good components in, built by BP3 to support both desktop and mobile.
  3. Think Users, Not Devices. Think about the users rather than which device they own.

After that, the focus gets way too myopic and not-customer-focused. Examples:

4. Create BYOD Policies

5. Evaluate Operating Systems first, then devices

6. Maximize commonalities

7. Address Compliance

8. Evaluate management and deployment tools (security, two phase commit, MDM software, etc. )

9. Create Employee Education program

10. Assess feedback.

After those first three, I would have had a different focus:

4.  Improve Customer Relationships.  Your employees have BYOD smartphones in their pockets. What are you doing to leverage that?

5. Re-think all the field-engineer and “outside-the-office” work routines, with smartphones in mind.

6.  Don’t be afraid to buy devices for critical field functions

7.  Think about your customers: how will having BYOD devices in their pockets (or in their organizations) change their relationship with you?  Leverage the technology platforms

8.  Think about your customers again.  Really think about the processes they interact with which your company (or organization) is responsible for.  If you haven’t figured out how to improve these processes and leverage the BYOD revolution, you’re leaving dollars on the table.

9.  Think about your customers again.  Get feedback from them.  And from your own team, in terms of their ability to take care of customers.

10.  Think about your customers again.

Customers. Processes. Team.  Then technology… Mobile BPM could really be changing how you do business.

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