How "Cloudy" is your BPM?

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Scott Francis

I liked Appian's post on cloud smoke screens - they make some good points.? Of course, we here at BP-3 we are not a BPM software vendor and we are limited in our ability to address these concerns.? However as technologists we feel that some of the limitations mentioned by Appian have more to do with how companies are thinking about their cloud offerings than any technical limitation imposed by the software itself.

The Appian post highlights 4 areas that may indicate you are dealing with a smoke screen, not a cloud.? Here is how we at BP-3 have worked to make the IBM BPM offering more "Cumulus" than "Stratus"

  1. Desktop requirements - while IBM BPM today still requires a Windows desktop for authoring, we can make that available in the cloud.
  2. Onerous bandwidth throttling - our offering comes with no bandwidth limitations (not sure how you want to say something along those line.? Alternatively - "Bandwidth costs are bundled into your overall cloud pricing")
  3. Version numbers - While you will be running a specific version of IBM BPM, BP-3's staff will deal with all the upgrade work and testing for you.
  4. No free trials - Unfortunately this is what keeps our offering from being "Cumulonimbus", but we still haven't figured out how to get IBM's software for free.

It is amazing how much you can do with cloud infrastructure when you have the right skills and experience to do it.? Our work with IBM BPM demonstrates what an advantage IBM has in the market by having such a strong ecosystem of partners of all kinds innovating around their software and providing services.? IBM's reach is really enhanced and multiplied by the partners they work with to a degree that perhaps beyond any other technology company.

Author's note:? It seems like only yesterday to me that I recall Lombardi and Appian arguing whether Appian was really "cloud" if it wasn't multi-tenant (at the time, it wasn't, and Lombardi's Blueprint was).? It is tempting for cloud-oriented vendors to get into these "who is more cloudy" debates, but the beginning, middle, and end for our customers and for BP3 is making the experience as seamless as possible.? That's what we keep our focus on and we'll let other people worry about the purity.?

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