How Fast is Austin Growing?

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Scott Francis

The latest census report: "Austin has gained 152 people per day over this decade".? It's kind of incredible:

The Austin area has seen more proportionate growth from net migration than any other major U.S. metro since 2010.

The Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area's population has grown, on average, by 55,500 people annually since that year ? a staggering rate of 152 people per day when births are included.

And that accounts for pressure on: traffic, housing prices, and infrastructure of all kinds.

The above chart is pretty interesting too - showing where migration to Texas mostly comes from. From Texas most of all, but from Florida and California next.

Last month we welcomed 70,000-150,000 guests for SXSW and its several sub-conferences: interactive, film, music, education, gaming, and some of them will catch the bug in Austin. Maybe it will be the queso, or the Peached Tortilla banh-mi sliders, or the people - but something will cause some of them to relocate here sooner or later.? We couldn't ask for a better advertisement for Austin than SXSW in the spring and ACLFest in the fall.

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