High Tech in the Chamber of Commerce

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Scott Francis

This kind of development is probably old news in Silicon Valley, where High Tech has dominated for decades.? But in Austin, it was quite a turn of events to see several technology executives join the 2014 Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Silverback Enterprise Group founder and Chairman Jack McDonald will serve as the chamber?s 2014 chairman of the board, while Bazaarvoice President and CEO Gene Austin has been selected as incoming chair-elect.

And although tech represents a big proportion of employment, that has been true since the late 90's:

?We?re very fortunate that Austin has a diverse economy and that technology, one of the strongest and fastest-growing industries in the world, has been ? and continues to be ? one of our key drivers of growth,? McDonald said.
?Tech jobs represent over 27 percent of our region?s paychecks, and technology creates a meaningful share of our new jobs. Given that, it?s important that our tech community be strongly engaged in our city?s future while we also cultivate and support economic diversification.?

Overall, I expect more great things from the Austin Chamber of Commerce with the new leadership. It is great to see Tech execs involved in the community at all levels. With all the growth coming to Austin, we're going to need all the leadership we can get!


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