Healthcare and the Digital Revolution

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?Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art.? It does not consist of compounding pills

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and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they can be guided.?? ? ? ? ? ??


????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? Paracelsus (1493-1541)

Swiss Physician, Military Surgeon, Alchemist, Astrologer


Healthcare choices have always been difficult.? Just imagine yourself as a patient of the Renaissance period.? Your options included barber-physicians for bloodletting, mystics for summoning of the spirits, alchemists selling cure-all potions, and mainstream physicians who practiced Greek theories of illness with treatments intended to restore balance to your four ?vital humors? (blood, black bile, yellow bile, and phlegm).? Not only were your choices fewer, but outcomes were rather difficult to predict!

Among the first to break from the theories of the past was the Swiss physician, Paracelsus.?? Considered ?objectionable? by the mainstream, Paracelsus insisted that only with a detailed understanding of the underlying processes of an illness, could a physician ever discover the means of a cure. ?He abhorred untested theories and publicly dismissed those that were unwilling to apply careful observation, structured process, and measurable treatment outcomes to their practice.? He often stated, ?The patient is your textbook, and the bedside is your study? and gave birth to the principles of clinical diagnosis and administration of highly specific medicine.? He was one of the first medical professors to demand that physicians acquire the fullest available education in the natural sciences, especially, chemistry. In so doing, he set the foundation for a new era in modern medicine.

Meanwhile, the scientific revolution was picking up steam and a convergence of developments in mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology and chemistry began transforming the views of society about nature.? Soon, other forward-thinking physicians joined Paracelsus by adding the tools of the scientific revolution to their practices, further accelerating the discipline of medical science.

Centuries later and with a vastly greater knowledge of the underlying biochemical and genetic processes of life, scientists and physicians are making stunning new discoveries at a staggering pace.? What?s more, another massive convergence of science and technology is taking place as the new digital revolution is changing the very nature of everything that they do.

Digital is a new and powerful force in the discovery and delivery of medical innovations in prevention, highly specific treatments, and actual cures for disease.? Already, the entire landscape of the healthcare industry is shifting as leading scientists and healthcare professionals are beginning to harness the power of digital.? In fact, in?Life Sciences 4.0, experts from Ernst & Young (EY) warn that if companies don?t look beyond novel drugs and devices and create new business models, they will soon fall behind the competition.

At BP3 Global, we, too, believe in fully educating ourselves in business challenges and goals of each industry sector we support.? We deeply study best practices in core processes, not to simply ?fix what was?, but rather to reveal ?art of the possible? in underlying process and outcomes.

We combine our leadership in Digital Operations with our expertise delivering proven, cutting edge digital technologies, such as: Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation, Robotics, Decision Management, etc. We engage clients using BPM as an effective foundation for process discovery and efficient identify and deliver ?quick hit? solutions for the most common problems.?? More importantly, we don?t settle for incremental fixes, so we guide our clients past all but the most value-added incremental improvements.? Instead, we work with our clients to architect a series of digital transformations that create a significant competitive advantage and step-changes in business results.

We proactively encourage clients to innovate atop the best known practices, but we also activey explore and present ideas from completely different business sectors.? Whenever possible, we will simply lift-and-drop reliable digital solutions to speed up the delivery of improvement.

The BP3 life sciences division digital experts are actively working alongside an industry expert(s) with years of experience deep in the trenches of the pharma value chain at locations around the world.? We are passionate about helping life sciences and healthcare professionals understand and implement the new tools of digital revolution.

Our commitment is to be as relentless as Paracelsus so that they, too, can usher in the future breakthroughs in medical science.

In the upcoming series of articles, we will lay out new conceptual frameworks and specific opportunities for the application of digital technologies to Pharma and the Life Sciences.? Read on!

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