Have Your Own Convictions

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Scott Francis

I love this post by Jason Cohen, "No *I'll* tell you the answer!" - in which he perfectly captures how much conflicting advice you'll get on your startup journey.? Of course, replace "startup" with "career", or "company", or "investments".

There's a lot of advice out there.

He provides several hypotheses about how the world works, to define the people who believe in them - The Critic, The Professional Investor, The Bootstrapper, and The VC-backed Founder).

When are you going to stop, take a breath, think quietly, shut out the cacophony of expectations and press releases and chest-thumping and ?disruption? and biased storytelling, and decide what?s right for you?

And then, harder still, when will you truthfully be comfortable and confident in your choice?

Those are words to live by.? And whether by skill or by accident, I think that's why Lance and I, and by extension our team, have always been comfortable in our own skin at BP3, rather than wishing for the path not taken.


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