Hard to Spin This (#apple)

  • January 13, 2010
  • Scott

It looks like Nexus One may not be the iPhone killer after all (despite all the Google ads running on TechCrunch these days)…

The first quote:

Flurry is estimating the Nexus One only sold 20,000 handsets in its first week. That means the Droid, with an estimated 250,000 units sold in its opening week, outsold the Nexus One by more than 12 times. The myTouch 3G, with 60,000 units outsold it by 3 times.

Ouch. And people were non-plussed with Droid and myTouch numbers… But it gets worse.

The iPhone 3GS sold 1.6 million units in its opening week, according to Flurry, which means it outsold the Nexus One by a “staggering” 80 times.

So, even if these estimates are off by 2x or even 10x, these aren’t stellar out-of-the-blocks numbers… I think it was too much to expect their first couple of efforts to out-do the iPhone. Story embedded below, courtesy of Business Insider.

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