Happy Thanksgiving!

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Scott Francis

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, as we do every year. But the challenges of 2020 have made it more heartfelt than any year I can remember since 2009. We had to forgo our annual company potluck at HQ, and many of us are unable to spend the holiday with friends & family due to the pandemic. And that absence makes it all the more meaningful when we get to resume these traditions again (hopefully as soon as next year).

I know I speak for everyone at BP3 when I say that I am so thankful for our clients in 2020, who have continued to trust us to deliver for them in this work-from-home reality we're in. We have found new ways to work effectively with clients at great distances, and new ways to build relationships and bridges between business and IT and our own teams. There are many industries and businesses that are really suffering in 2020, and some who are thriving. There has never been a time to appreciate your clients more than right now, in 2020.

I am also so thankful for our team, who look after our clients every day, who deliver on our brand promise everyday. But I'm also thankful that our team looks after each other every day as well. Our culture of caring about each other and helping each other has, if anything, thrived even more in 2020. And I want to thank our BP3 families, who enable our team to do this work - by supporting us, lifting us up, and giving us a reason to keep giving it our best every day. I know I couldn't do this without the support of my wife and kids - we have found was to work under one roof and try to find silver linings by spending more time together and even watching a few shows together (can I be the millionth person to recommend "Queen's Gambit" and the Mandalorian?)...

It's also a good time to thank Lance, my business partner at BP3, our board, and our leadership team - all of whom are giving me their best advice, data, and coaching to help us succeed and to set up for a great 2021.

Please have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving in 2020! 

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