Happy Thanksgiving!

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Scott Francis

Another year, and another year to be thankful.? Every year in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving, and it is tradition for many people to make a list of what they are thankful for.? It is a time of reflection - stepping back to think about what matters to you and what you appreciate in your life.

As much as I'm looking forward to the FOOD part of Thanksgiving, I'm also very thankful for my family and all they do to support me in my career and business.

At BP3, we're very thankful as well:

  • for our customers, who quite literally are putting food on our table this holiday season.? We have some of the best customers I could imagine having as a business owner, and they choose to invest in our success, just as we invest in their success.
  • for our team, who help each other out time and time again, and go to great efforts to produce happy reference-able customers who are getting real value out of BPM.
  • for the BPM community - which continues to challenge our thinking, our methods, and our ideas in places like this blog, and on many other blogs.
  • for this business, which has enabled me to hire some of my favorite people in BPM, and to put together a team to ride the river with.
  • for my co-founder Lance, who is our business compass and chief cheerleader
  • for each of our team members - who bet on us at least as much as we bet on them (especially the first few people - Flournoy, Asif, I'm looking at you! )

And, on a less serious note, I'm thankful for Facetime over AT&T Wireless this Thanksgiving. It was a nice gesture for AT&T to make this work in time for such an important family holiday.

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