Happy New Year 2010

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Scott Francis

The first day (or two) of 2010.? While some say that this marks the beginning of the Second Decade of BPM, others are proclaiming the Death of BPM.? For those of us at BP3, we remain optimistic about this "second decade" of BPM, and we're optimistic about what BPM can do for companies across a broad spectrum of sizes and industries, as you can see from our blog and our comments on other blogs and sites.

2009 was a tough year for the economy, and for many of our friends and colleagues across a number of industries.? We entered 2009 with a lot of uncertainty, but also with some very good customer relationships, and some very good opportunities in front of us. And finally, we can see real signs in the statistics that our economy is mending slowly.

I'm happy to say that despite these challenges 2009 was our best year yet - growing by 60% and adding a couple of skilled and dedicated members to our staff in the process. 2009 was full of interesting announcements in BPM - not least of which was IBM's acquisition of Lombardi in December.

We had some great customer successes in 2009 and forged some new relationships that we're really excited about continuing in 2010.? And we've assembled a team we're very proud of, and grateful for.

We also placed in Gartner's "Who's Who in BPM Services" report,? which reinforces our hard work and thought leadership in the BPM space and puts us on a short list of services providers.? More to come on this announcement in another blog entry.

And we stayed so busy in 2009 we barely had time to come up for air.

As happy as we are with how 2009 turned out, we're looking forward to 2010 even more:

  • We have bpmCamp at Stanford to look forward to - a chance to reconnect with colleagues who implement BPM solutions for all kinds of different processes.
  • We have some really interesting ideas to pursue this year in terms of running large BPM programs, and managing key concepts for BPM initiatives.
  • We're looking to grow our business again in 2010.? Although growth in and of itself is not necessarily the goal, we see opportunities to grow in a healthy, organic way based on the business opportunities for 2010 - and we can still see a real shortage of BPM skills and experience in the market place.? BP3 is going go to be a go-to vendor to get both - and we're going to be a great place to work if you have both skills and experience.
  • We're moving our HQ to new offices in Austin in 2010.? It will be a better working environment and a place we'll be proud to call home, while still respecting our lean cost structure.

Of course, mostly we're hoping to do well by our customers in 2010, and in so doing, do well by our team.? Happy New Year to all of you!? May 2010 bring in the next decade with health, happiness, and success.

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