Happy New Year

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Scott Francis

It is that time again - New Year's Eve, and time for another quick review of the year just past.

2010 Started with declarations of the Second Decade of BPM, as well as proclaimations of the Death of BPM.? We saw the buzz around ACM reach a crescendo as BPM vendors left out of the consolidations of 2009 tried to reposition their spin on BPM.? We even saw a flurry of discussions claiming "so many BPM Projects Fail" - though they don't.? Some postulated that while BPM grew during 2008 and 2009, when times were tough, that as the economy improved BPM would suffer - while we argued that the past simply doesn't predict the future: each economic cycle has its own surprises.? And our best evidence pointed toward BPM vendors and services providers continuing to do well in 2010.? Through it all, we at BP3 maintained that BPM was doing just fine, thank you, and growing nicely.

2010 was a good year for BP3, thanks to gracious customers who offered us a great opportunity to assist with their BPM efforts.? We understand that our customers are making an investment in BP3 when they contract our services, just as we're investing our time and energy in their BPM initiatives.? We're very grateful for their trust and faith in our ability to grow and run our business to their benefit.

Secondly, I have to thank our team - a team we're really proud of.? They worked really hard in 2010 to make it a great year for us and our clients.

Our new offices (and coffee machine!) worked out great for our productivity and melding as a team in Austin.? We were able to participate at IBM's Impact this year, sharing what we learned at bpmCamp, which was held in January 2010 at Stanford.

Most of all, we were able to assemble a top-notch team - we've more than doubled our staff in 2010, and we still have the most experienced IBM Lombardi BPM team on the market, bar none.? This sets us up to grow again in 2011, as BPM continues to be a cornerstone of the IBM value pitch, while at the same time being a key target for corporations' investments in business improvement.

Here's to another great year in BPM, and hopefully a great year for the larger economy as well!? Happy New Year!

entering 2011 prepared to have a great year.

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