Happy Birthday to our Friends at Signavio

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Scott Francis

We've kept in touch with Signavio since nearly the very beginning - and it is nice of them them to remind us of their birthday!

Clearly it has been a good year for Signavio:

The customer growth is directly impacting the company?s revenue, which is up 73% over the previous year. This is mainly driven by the SaaS offering?s strong growth. 80% of new customers are chosing SaaS over an on-premise deployment.

Subscription revenues grew by 147% over the previous year, now contributing more than 50% of the overall revenue for the first time. Licenses, maintenance and SaaS make 91% of the overall revenue, reflecting Signavio?s focus as a true product company. The remaining 9% are generated by services like trainings and customizations.

Their focus on the mission: helping customers model their processes- no matter how they want to model them- has really empowered their innovation in the space.

When we (BP3) look in the mirror, this is why we focus "only" on BPM for our firm.? Because that focus allows us to innovate in ways that more general services firms just can't or won't.

147% revenue growth is outstanding, and reflects the time and effort that have gone into slowly building up the base and foundations - in order to be ready for an increase of that magnitude in year 4 or 5.?? It is also pretty cool that they're innovating in a space that some colleagues once called "commodity" back in 2006 when Intalio released a free BPMN modeler.? In some respects BPM vendors have stopped investing in modeling tooling - considering it "done" or "commodity".? But usually a year or two after that conclusion has been reached by the industry is just when you have a chance to really disrupt the market with something new.? Signavio has done that really well.

I was also gratified to get to meet Gero in person at bpmNEXT earlier this year - after conversing in blogs and twitter all these years that was a nice bonus!

I'm interested to see how much Signavio is able to embed in BPM tools in the future as well - seems like an interesting market opportunity for them-

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