Growing Up versus Shaking Up

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Scott Francis

We had a good smile the other day when we saw coverage of our company depicted as having a "management shakeup" at BP3.? I guess it looks like a shakeup, but what we're doing is organizing, more than shaking!

"The Austin maker of business process management software has promoted Vice President of Services Rainer Ribback to chief operating officer, a newly created position. Last month, the company replaced founding CEO Lance Gibbs with Scott Francis, the firm's co-founder and chief technology officer."

It helps to understand the context of the changes we're making.? BP3 is growing and we have to mature as an organization in order to achieve our goals going forward.? When I was starting my professional career, I was suspicious when companies said they had to "mature" or grow up - it felt like code for throwing out the culture as the company gets bigger. At BP3 it isn't code for dismantling culture, we're improving upon it.?? Rainer has been running our professional services team since 2013, and his promotion to COO is the natural evolution, and our team is 100% behind him.

When "the company" makes a change to the management structure, that's us making that change.? Lance and I.? We don't have any outside investors in BP3 dictating changes to us.? For nearly 9 years Lance and I mutually managed the business - without co-CEO titles but with a mutual understanding of the values and priorities that are required to scale a business - and Lance carried the CEO title while I carried the CTO title.

Coming off a record year in 2015, a record Q4, an award-winning year, and looking at the opportunity in front of us, there isn't a better time to pass the baton and to make the reporting structure crystal clear. ? These changes are what Lance and I want for the company to get to the next level.? We wouldn't say shakeup, we'd say "growing up."? And Lance and I couldn't be more excited about what's next for BP3, our team, and our customers.



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