Greg Harley Joins BP3

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Scott Francis

Greg Harley is joining BP3 on Monday.? He's had a long and some might say, glorious, career in the software business.? More recently, Greg has been doing some identity management work for Beacon, here in Austin.? Prior to that, Greg worked for more than 2 years at Lombardi, and was the anchor man on the LODA team at Lombardi.? Although I didn't personally have the pleasure of hiring him at Lombardi, I did have the pleasure of having him on my team for over a year.? Greg is one of the best. And not just because of his outrageous Australian accent (Australian accent + too many years in Texas). Every team needs a Greg Harley on it.

Greg is unafraid of new technical challenges, and pioneered work at Lombardi that included making Teamworks compatible with single-sign-on technologies (all sorts of them, actually).? But he also understands the business of BPM:? ROI, Business Process, and Managing the process.? He joins us as the Senior Architect on our team, where he'll be helping us develop our technical talent and team, and where he will likely shepherd some of our interesting technical assets into finished product.

Previously, Greg held technical and leadership positions at Vignette, Vector, and IBM.

Greg, welcome to the team, we sure are glad to have you-

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