Great Request for Answers Post

  • September 21, 2011
  • Scott

Adam Deane strikes gold again with this post on a “Request for Answers”:

There is a difference in the amount of work needed in “simple process”, and a “simple process, but by the way we want it also to integrate into an old legacy system, run through a thousand steps, and automatically make coffee”
The difference usually results in a quick deployment where everyone is happy, or a project the drags on for ever, a vendor looking to run away, costs spiralling and everyone feeling that they have been screwed by the other side.

But the best part are the 20 questions he’d ask back to the customer… I’ll just list the first five to give you a taste of how spot-on they are:

1. What is the business problem that we are trying to solve?
2. What impact does this have? Who does this impact?
3. Why do we want to resolve this now?
4. How critical is this process to the organisation?
5. What would be considered a project success?



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