Great Coverage of an Austin Entrepreneur: Mellie Price

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Scott Francis

I saved this article back in March so that I could come back to it - great coverage and interview of Mellie Price, an Austin-based entrepreneur.

About life as an entrepreneur?

?A lot of people get attracted to the I-want-to-work-for-myself syndrome,? she says. ?I had someone say to me once, ?Oh, gosh, it must be so nice to work for yourself. You don?t have to put up with people telling you what to do.? And I?m like, ?Do you even understand what it?s like to be an entrepreneur? Your board of directors is your boss. Your investors are your boss. Your staff, your client, everybody?s got a say.? ?

And the community in Austin:

?I really do believe that the DNA of Austin is pretty innovative,? she says, savoring a final sip of wine. ?What really feeds me is watching people?s lives change, creating products and companies that change the lives of the founders. It gives me great joy that Front Gate and some of the other businesses have created meaningful wealth and change in the lives of people I care about. How cool is that??

I liked her advice to entrepreneurs but it might equally apply to CEOs:

1. Be authentic.

2. Get uncomfortable.

3. Listen.

4. Be humble.

5. Have fun.

She explains each in more detail in the article - go read it!


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