Great Case for BPM?

  • September 6, 2011
  • Scott

George Lawrie of Forrester recently wrote:

One pioneer that I interviewed was immensely proud of his lightning roll out of a guerilla app to support his firm’s front office in advising clients on complex product choices. I asked him about future plans and sheepishly he admitted they would be starting again from scratch because the guerilla app was unable to leverage enterprise services exposing critical data about product offerings. He remarked ruefully that sometimes you do have to follow the IT standards “yellow brick road” rather than just head for the hills, but wouldn’t it be great to have the best of both worlds, with both agile deployment and full advantage taken of enterprise assets and data?

Well this practically sounds like a call-out for how to approach BPM the right way – roll-out the guerrilla app (usually these are around a specific process) with a BPMS.  But when you’re ready to leverage enterprise services and data, you simply add those features to your process, a bit like a layer cake.  In fact, this avoids one of the key failure modes of BPM projects:  trying to cement integrations to early, instead of focusing on getting the actual process right first.

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