Great article on Entrepreneurship Outside the Valley

  • July 25, 2013
  • Scott

Forbes put together a great read on entrepreneurship outside of Silicon Valley. The highlight of the piece for Austinites is Noah Kagan’s advocacy for Austin:

“However, I now love not being in the valley. I don’t want to talk about startups all day. I can have a life and enjoy it here in Austin. The thing that’s missed in the valley is solving basic problems that people outside of the Valley experience. Many just create another site like Pinterest, Vine, or whatever the fad is at that given time.”

And the author hits a few points that are important to consider. The fact that entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley often feel “disconnected or inadequate” if they’re not fitting the venture capital mold:


  • Founders of bootstrapped companies with double-digit yearly revenue growth feeling like they’re growing too slowly.
  • Founders of very profitable businesses not being considered sexy if they aren’t in the right space or don’t have the right market potential.
  • Founders who feel guilty taking any time for themselves outside of their business.
  • Potential entrepreneurs coming to the conclusion that entrepreneurship isn’t for them because they don’t resonate with the images they see.

Part of my reaction to this is that founders should just be confident in the course they’ve chosen and be strong enough not to value themselves on someone else’s scale.  My other reaction is that as a society, we should value all the founders who start successful businesses – because they’re good for the economy.

Valuing those small businesses and startups starts within each of us, individually.  It can’t start from some external force.


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