Good SXSW Content Resources

  • March 24, 2011
  • Scott

Following SXSW-interactive, I found I had a collection of interesting bookmarks to resources from the conference.  I thought I’d share with everyone else who might (or might not) be interested :

First, we have everything tagged with SXSW on Slideshare.  Some great content – but buyer beware!

Next up, the Lean Startup folks pulled together a great collection of the content covered during the Lean Startup sessions.  Note that this link links to their 2011 content – which is more than just what was covered in SXSW, but it is pretty easy so far to discern which is which.

Next, Austin’s own Omar Gallega gives his 5 ways to fix SXSW next year. Generally I agree with his advice.  Except for one:  he recommends trimming panels by a third.  Quantity of panels isn’t the problem I was experiencing.  Almost every session I went to was jam-packed.  Fewer sessions means that each session needs a bigger room (on average) to accommodate the same # of people.  I’m not sure that’s the answer.  The solution to quality isn’t to prevent people from getting their panel in, so much as it is to make sure there is always quality content to compete. I don’t think there’s a good way to determine quality without stifling what makes SXSW great (for example, some of the presenters at the lean sessions were first tiem SXSW presenters).

If you want to read my favorite set of Tweets for the conference (Gary Chou asked for a TiVo for Tweets), you can look at Snap Bird’s capture of @elliotloh’s tweets.  Just keep in mind it is in reverse order…

Clay Richardson of Forrester covers SXSW-interactive as well.  He recaps three of the more interesting sessions (which represented interesting trends of conversation).

And these were just a few.  If you have other interesting resources you’ve run across please feel free to add to the comment stream!



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  • We covered SXSW 2011 from Mar.11 to Mar.19 at and the site is still updating.
    Though it is only in Japanese and from the point of view of the Japanese you may find it interesting.
    — Yasushi

  • I should have mentioned that I also ran into KARVT ( on the tradeshow floor, my favorite stop of the day there, where I bought a sweet iphone4 cover made of wood. These guys have a neat business, send some more business their way!

  • This was a great recap of #SXSWi from a Canadian/first-timer perspective. I do wish someone had told them to try Kerbey Lane or Magnolia instead of Denny’s though…