Good Process Collaboration Case Study

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Scott Francis

There was a pretty interesting case study for process collaboration shared on the Lombardi wiki recently.? Worth a quick read.? Tools like Blueprint are going to make this kind of story increasingly common.? Mostly people think of these BPM SaaS Collaboration tools as internal consensus builders, but in this case they're using Blueprint to create consensus outside the four walls of the company, and to communicate or broadcast information as well.

With the new notification features in Blueprint, this will be an even easier use - I get quick summary emails of changes made in processes or projects that I'm watching.? Its a quick way to keep tabs on what's going on, and fits SEARHC's use case perfectly.

Also, I note on Lombardi's blog that they have two finalists in the 2009 Global BPM Excellence Awards. ? Congratulations to Lombardi and their customers on the achievement.

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