Getting to Know your Users with Brazos CX Insights

  • June 12, 2017
  • Scott

We had the pleasure of presenting Brazos CX Insights to the bpmNEXT 2017 conference in April.  As we’ve previously shared, bpmNEXT has been the premier multi-vendor conference for business process and decision management, for these last 5 years.  The point isn’t to show the old stuff, it is to show the new stuff, or the stuff that’s soon to be released.

I think if you listen to this talk, you’ll witness the care we take to address the user experience of our customers’ teams.  It’s about the developers as well as the business experts.  With Brazos, we’re attempting to improve the work experience for all parties.  There’s a lot more to CX Insights than what we’re showing in this demonstration, but it is a great introduction.

If you’re going to build solutions for the digital business, you need to understand your customers and users this well – you need the ability to really introspect their behavior and differences – and you need the ability to dramatically improve their user experience!

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